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I was really suffering before I found the web site and while the healing process has been painful (like going through a fire as my therapist likes to say) I know that there is hope and light now and ultimately peace.


It sounded, in part, like the article was describing aspects of me.

And still, I thought I am sure I don't have PTSD just some residual effects of abuse?

The thing was I had no idea what was wrong with me (I was in my 40s). Something about the behavior was familiar and I started to think it may be related to trauma.

Long story short I had an issue with long-time friend a couple of years ago and started to write things to her that I had no intention of sharing. When I GOOGLED for information (and I had no idea what I was searching for exactly) an article from your web site from back in 2011 came up PTSD in adult survivors of child abuse. Then I read it again 3 more times and spent the next few days walking around in a daze.

It is clear that the mission of Autism Speaks will require the organization to grow in new ways and build capacity to be a sustaining organization to accelerate progress in science and support individuals with autism and their families over a lifetime.

Childhood sexual assaults and abuses are devastating, and the trauma is often life-long! We have listings for all 50 US States, all the Canadian Provinces, and now include everywhere English is spoken world-wide !! RH: There is no limitation on the murder of the body.

That's right, NAASCA has gone GLOBAL, and VIRTUAL (we've got "on-line" groups, too), and you can add to our listings by simply writing to us. We now carry non-recurring calendar event listings for everything we know of .. This is a brand new tool, where we'll list workshops, conferences, rallies, marches and so on. So why should there be limitation on the murder of the soul?

Sorry to make this so long but your web site has made a difference in my life.

I am probably not the only one for whom it has had a positive, life changing impact but I wanted to thank you for posting the information and starting the site.

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