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It is reported that cops took Anthony away for investigation when he was banging on the door.The weird part of this story is that Diana is a also self-proclaimed dating expert because of her books such as “How to not date a loser.” But, before judging Anthony, one should know that Anthony suffers from a severe bipolar disorder.) relationship expert whose last column was titled “How Not to Date a Loser,” filed a police complaint a week ago.She had dated the actor for roughly a year, but the duo is no longer together.And, slowly, he transitioned from a promising child actor to actor who can portray a diverse kind of roles.He transitioned from a skinny boy to an athletic man with good sense of humor.While Hall himself, who suffers from a mild case of bipolar disorder, has yet to speak out on the incident, his spokesman told the Post that “all of the allegations are erroneous and will be addressed accordingly.” Still, it could have been worse. And finally, I have a question for any mental health experts out there: is it possible to have a “mild” case of bipolar disorder?Anthony Michael Hall "bit his girlfriend's forehead" during an altercation last month, according to Radar

The 41-year-old former Brat Packer allegedly stalked her prior to the attack, and the order bars him from “assault, stalking, harassment, menacing, reckless endangerment…intimidation,” among other behavior no-nos. I did wonder what was up with him when he re-emerged as the pushy, dominating boyfriend in “Edward Scissorhands.” He seemed a bit too comfortable in that role, I always thought. Batman series The Dark Knight, Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles star Anthony Micheal Hall is reportedly dating Slovakian born- Russian model/actress Lucia Oskerova since 2014. Recently ( in June,2014), they were spotted at Will Rogers Polo Field in LA.Moreover, he has dated quite a diverse kind of ladies till now such as Trisha Patayes, an You Tube blogger/celebrity, social magnet, music video artist and part-time model, who is known for her open and expressive personality plus sexy looks. Also in 2013, probably after their breakup, Trisha came up with this brilliant picture tweet, which she tweeted, on twitter quoting: “for all of you crushing on Anthony Michael what he looks like NOW!In November of 2009, their controversial breakup kindly flooded the online media.According to various online media reports, it was a beautiful day of October with kind-cool weather when Anthony’s unkind acts disappointed Diana.

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