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He is involved in the online platform Islam21c, which has published pieces condemning the integration of Western Muslims, describing it as a ‘secular disease’.Mr Khan has referred to homosexuality as ‘evil’, ‘wretched’, ‘shameful’, a ‘sin’ and a ‘criminal act’.In total, guests with a record of preaching extreme views were given access to students on 112 occasions – and in most cases no effort was made to provide any balance to their statements.In one case, a preacher who had previously advocated wife-beating and claimed that ‘Islam is not compatible with democracy’ was allowed to speak to students of the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.By law, academic freedom applies to professors and lecturers so that they can disseminate knowledge.‘People pay to go to universities to learn from their professors, not to listen to radical speakers.‘I hope that this report is taken seriously.‘Universities have a duty of care to students and they need to exercise their authority.‘The events in Manchester and London mean universities cannot pretend that terror is not a threat.

Often they were held on venues off campus, with Facebook and Twitter used to publicise them.

Moazzam Begg gave a speech at the Oxford Union, a debating society which is legally separate from the university but is made up of almost exclusively Oxford students.

Mr Begg is the director of Cage, the controversial group which described Isis killer Jihadi John as a ‘beautiful young man’.

The Higher Education and Funding Council for England (HEFCE) has found that the majority of universities are satisfying the statutory requirements of the Prevent duty.

The Henry Jackson Society said its findings suggested more stringent guidelines were needed.

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