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It said in all but one of the cases uncovered, the speakers were allowed to disseminate their views without being challenged.They said the events featuring extreme speakers and organisations were routinely advertised to students through social media pages.'Many universities are going above and beyond this but any report that the duty is not being followed will be investigated by the universities regulator HEFCE.‘However, this is a job for us all and we are continuing to work in partnership with communities of all faith backgrounds to challenge those who spread hatred and intolerance.’SOAS Registrar Paula Sanderson said: ‘We take our duty of care to our community and our legal obligations very seriously.‘SOAS hosts hundreds of speakers every year and has a robust policy and code of practice for events held on campus.We also conduct due diligence on all such activities.He is the chairman of i ERA, and was reported in February 2009 to have claimed that ‘Islam is not compatible with democracy’, and that a husband may use ‘physical force ... Dr Siema Iqbal was billed to speak at an event organised by the Islamic Society and Students’ Union at Manchester.In 2014, she made a series of controversial statements on Twitter including ‘Truce in Gaza? the Jews are shipping around for cheaper bombs’, another which said ‘When a people who survived a genocide use it as an excuse to commit genocide’ against a backdrop of a blood-stained Star of David, and also made a post calling for the relocation of Israel to the United States as a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

A new report reveals the speakers were invited to speak to undergraduates at elite institutions including Oxford, Warwick and Manchester.Report author Richard Black, who attended Oxford himself, stated: ‘Universities are upholding their legal duty towards Prevent.‘It is now necessary to take a step forwards.Extreme speakers and organisations have been regularly holding events on campuses, and advertising them to students through social media pages.At a university level, the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) played host to the most events – 14.Many of the events were attended by the same speakers, with the six most prolific speakers accounting for 52.7 per cent of the events.

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