Aspies and dating

One of the things that I really love about our relationship is how we both find eachother's oddities to be endearing.

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Often, the aspie will simply look or smile at their intended partner and assume that this is enough to "call" the other person's attention.could anyone share their experiences with this type of dating or give a reference. its not mentioned in any books, I think they assume it would have no problems, when in my experience it has much more as there is often double the communication probs, half the empathy and minus flexibility.It would be very nice if there was a relationship book aimed at aspie/aspie couples.Logically it makes sense to be something good because both people would have an understanding of the issues someone has who has AS but sometimes as what happened to me the other person felt they were above their AS and could pass judgement on my behavior and said "well I don't do that and I don't have problems with that" and I got criticized because supposedly I am a picky eater and this other person would eat anything under the sun-you would think being on the spectrum they would be more understanding. You must be, said the Cat, or you wouldn't have come here.My 2nd girlfriend was an Aspie; my 1st was NT but had sever dyslexia, ADHD & a little OCD. Things went a lot smother with my Aspie girl; we connected & related to each other a lot better but we broke up because our personalities were not compatible; my personality with my partner is opposite of the way Aspies typically are in relationships(I love being close, affectionate & discussing my feeling with my partner) & her personality was like an extreme version of the typical Aspie(having shutdowns, withdrawn/distant, disliked dealing with emotions, not very affectionate) So I think individual personalities play a large part as to how well a relationship works. I've been asked if I would date an Aspergian, and I gave it some thought.

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