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Truman VA healthcare providers and other employees who participate in the Safe Zone Program are committed to promoting awareness and support of, and respect for, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Veteran patients, their families, and hospital/CBOC employees.If you see the logo, you know that person is an ally.This is a partial list of confirmed famous people who were or are gay, lesbian or bisexual.

A number of different classification schemes have been used to describe sexual orientation since the mid-19th century, and scholars have often defined the term "sexual orientation" in divergent ways.

However, a service member discharged for a “Homosexual Act” that involved a so-called “aggravating factor” might have been given an Other Than Honorable (OTH) discharge characterization.

Most of the factors on the list (such as acts involving minors, prostitutes or coercion) constituted unacceptable behavior and should have resulted in an OTH.

allows for a same-sex partner, family member, friend, or other individual to be present with the patient for emotional support during the course of their stay.

Same-sex partners are recognized as the patient’s family, even if the partners are not legally married.: As a patient, you may designate any person as a decision-maker for care should you become unable to make these decisions yourself.

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