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With reference to female cattle: Setana); pale yellow, (with reference to bilious eyes). poor, miserable: Na yo mu seta cwana no ka lifumana kai lizwai?

expressing (1) the colour of the rain falling in the middle distance. pululu (2) the colour of the eyes of someone suf-fering from a liver complaint: Meto a hae a li setee?

to teach a person to follow one's bad habits, to lead someone into evil. i shambani hahulu too much space has been left be tween the lines of this mat.

to be Iying with a space between, to be separated: Miluko ya museme o.

to involve fasely someone in a case- to accuse: Mu sike mwa ni sasa mwa litaba za mina, do not involve me in your affairs.

-shanguleh (shangu-kzi) to mock with a definite inten-tion: U ni shangulelani cwalo?

Na shwile kono ha lu yo kumbuluka seili shaku-shaku! -shalulisa (shaluki-size) or -shalula (shaluzl) to make someone t.o ~. -lshalula (isha-luzi) to make oneself to ~.-shamba (shambile) v.i.

-shabelela (shabelezi) to lop completely leav-ing a bare trunk.shaku-sbaku! expressing the coming back to life after a swoon, fainting fit, coma, syncope, etc.

to beat each other; -sebelisana (sebelisani) to help each other ref.

-sefeha (sefehile) that which can be easily sifted rec.

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