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-shanguleh (shangu-kzi) to mock with a definite inten-tion: U ni shangulelani cwalo?

-sebela (sebezl) to whisper, to, to tell a secret to. -sebana (xbanl or se-banile) to calumniate each other.

to feach (as suffering): Ha u sa lati ku sebeza, ni wena tala i ta ku sebeza; if you do not like to work, hunger will cer-tainly teach you. -sebeleza (se-belelize) (1) to work for, to serve (2) to worship: Ku sebeleza Mulimu, ki makalelo a butali, to worship God is the beginning of wisdom. -sebelisa (sebellsize) to give work to someone, to super-vise workmen- to use: Ha mu sebe-lisa silepe seo, mu tokomele si buhali hahulu, take care when using that axe, for it is very sharp. -isebeleza (ise-belelize) to work for oneself: Mutu ya isebeleza, ki yena ya ta kona ku ipilisa; a person who knows how to work without the help of others will be able to support himself.-sefal (sefile) i.t.

rel.`-senipukls (sempuizi) to take a portion in-tended for somebody else. -sempublela (sempulekzi) to take a whole portion intended for others. (1) to trust, to be confident in, to rely on: Wena ha ni ku sepi bakeisa mfkwa ya hao bu-maswe I do not trust you because of yor bad behaviour- (2) to hope: Ni sepa u ta be aflt Ele kamuso, I hope he will be here tomorrow; (3) to think: Nf sepa cwalo, I think so.

-sepeli (sepezi) to trust for reason: Ni mu sepezi ku lukakwa hae, I trust her for her righteousness.

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