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As for dating someone with a pet it can be a pain, like having a dependent, which you have to arrange a sitter or kennels etc if you want to go away for the weekend or something similar. Hey everyone, dont you just think that someone (my ex, but I'm not actually going to admit that) who doesnt have/do/think xyz is a total scumbag Please mail me and ask who I am REALLY having a veiled dig at(PS, obviously this also means I'm single so please mail me) OP - I have dated women with pets - usually cats.

Most cats crawl over your worktops and bring all kinds of sh! I couldn't judge a person by whether they had a pet or not.

The vast majority of women said a dog is most attractive – more than five times sexier than a cat.

Show how good you are with pets by taking very good care of them to keep them happy and attractive all the time.

I move to spare room Next day I practically had to fumigate the room..wreaked of dog, yuk Cant say I didn't give it a go..more.

I have a cat, but it was a present to my daughter, when she goes so does the cat, I really cant stand the food good reason either I might add.

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