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According to sexual selection theory, whichever sex is more abundant is expected to compete more strongly and the sex that is less abundant is expected to be “choosier” in who they decide to mate with.And ), which marketed their own study on mating distributions posted on OKtrends: First, women rate 80 percent of men below average.

Hence mating skew in females is an important measure of this inequality in male mating success.Web Site name: Site specification: IP Number of site is Description: Eben Pagan's Guru Blueprint is sure to create many more internet millionaires.It's a complete course on how to make your own product and release it to the internet to make a fortune., keywords:eben pagan guru blueprint, guru blueprint, guru product launch, launch products, internet marketing course.In humans evidence indicates that the main mating Leks (bar/nightclubs, speed dating, online dating), exhibit much greater variance in male mating success than in females.The fact that females are the (reproductively) rate-limiting sex has always manifested in their higher selectivity (DNA analysis shows that only 40% of an ancestral male population was reproductively successful, compared with some 80% of females).

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