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Hopefully, every person will ask themselves, “What’s my legacy, What can I leave behind in a positive way? And to know that, you don’t have to do it recklessly.

To see how he passed, and to know that if we had just one more thought or just a different decision, it can change everything too.

And to me, a woman basically imprisoned in her own home, because of her husband that she took vows with, and then experiencing abuse and violence on all different levels, is something not to take lightly, and you don’t fabricate that in any way, you live it. But after talking it over in coaching, we figured it out and it was a whirlwind, I’ll tell you that.

But also, Taye too, I mean, Taye is one of the most experienced actors out there. For it to be such a dark situation to tackle, it was really a very warm and light set all around. We’ll definitely look out for , what do you hope people will take away from the film?

Our scenes are really light, he was just there to bring so much light and love, and comedy and comedic relief in the script as well. AI: I hope that people look at the impact of [Tupac] not only for his music, it’s a rollercoaster ride, and it’s a beautiful rollercoaster ride [but] to take away the fact that this man was a pioneer and a leader, and left a long-lasting legacy, that decades later, is talked about.

Benny is a huge, well-known music producer, so he knows that side and the artists. And the Outlawz were on the set too, and they would tell me stories. I saw it as an untold love story between these two that maybe most people wouldn’t look at this artist in that kind of way.

You see this artist, and huge personality, and just a big ball of fire, but here was this untold, just beautiful love story that was tucked away in a little nook. He could have possibly changed his life if the circumstances were different.

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