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Most of what I am about to explain is technically irrelevant to what should be a fairly simple question, but hopefully it will help to point in the right direction :-) You mentioned "Not In List event", but I don't see how that fits in, or if it is even important...It is not important, it is CRITICAL - without it there would be no problem :-) The whole point of the process is to enable 'on the fly' addition of items to the combo within the grid.I would expect to call Invalidate or Repaint on a normal cell, but this does not work.Even without using any of the above code if you reset the value of a Combo Box cell in the Validate event, you should have exactly the same problem i.e. Chris Bray The Data Grid View is never as easy to work with as you think--I could make a whole career just studying its idiosyncracies!!However I would also like to erase the content of the cell currently in edit mode.

You mentioned "Not In List event", but I don't see how that fits in, or if it is even important...

Previously i was having a problem when the user click on the Combo Box but doesn't click the mouse so the Combo Box change commited event doesn't run therefore not getting the row, somebody replied on this forum to say i should declare and put a Combo Box On Drop Down event handler which i put and successfully do it.

Still if the user doesn't event click on the first cell which has this combo Box it doesn't really restrict it.

I am trying to figure out how to duplicate this problem, but I don't have enough to go on.

Hi Bob, Thanks for your response - I will try to clarify...

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