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A bunch of roses or even a single rose works wonders aesthetically and considerably enlivens a place.An easy way to browse personals locally and around the world.At least she's not alone -- a secret organization called the First District has been gathering Hi MEs to Fuuka Gakuen, at least nine of them; it seems the Hi MEs are part of an ancient myth with a special destiny the First District wants to make sure comes to pass.But a powerful conspiracy based in America thinks it deserves to control their powers, and takes steps to make the Hi MEs its own.As of summer 2006, it can be found in retail outlets in the US under the title My-Hi ME.For more information on the characters within the series, check out the character sheet.

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And unlike so many other Magical Girls, the Hi ME and what they do are not Invisible to Normals; some are in fact being influenced or manipulated by agents of the "mundane" organizations around them.

As one by one the Hi ME fall, the monstrous orchestrators of the carnival finally appear on the stage, leading to an apocalyptic final confrontation.

And just when the Hi MEs seem poised to become a unified force for good, an even deeper, darker secret about their purpose is revealed, completely and irrevocably altering the burgeoning connections between the girls.

One of the better anime to appear on Japanese television in the 2004-2005 season, Mai-Hi ME is well-written and is lushly and beautifully animated.

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