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— (2015)George Miller’s chrome-and-blood-soaked masterpiece is, essentially, one big chase scene, meaning its conclusion is even more hard-earned, visceral, and satisfying than your standard revenge film.As Vulture’s film critic David Edelstein wrote, “You don’t just watch it, you rock out to it.” Its triumphant overthrowing of the patriarchy feels particularly poignant and necessary now.— (2004)How to take down the Plastics, in three steps: Target Aaron Samuels (the better half of the high school’s reigning power couple), plant a few Kalteen bars, and sow some major distrust in the so-called “army of skanks.” There are no fight scenes or bar brawls, but (1962)Max Cady doesn’t get enough credit for being one of the most disturbing movie villains of all time.This movie was terrifying both times it was made, but we will refer you to the original, starring Robert Mitchum as a convicted rapist who gets out of prison after eight years, then conspires to track down and ruin the life of the lawyer who got him sent to jail (Gregory Peck).three old college friends (who happen to be played by legends Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, and Diane Keaton) reunite when their fourth former bestie, trapped in a life of empty wealth and loneliness, kills herself by jumping off an Upper East Side terrace. Yuki doesn’t choose to walk the road of most resistance — she was born specifically to do so: Her mother, gang-raped by the men who killed her husband, ends up in a women’s prison, where she seduces a guard to help her conceive a child who will one day become the instrument of her revenge on the men who ruined her life. — like you’ve been locked away in an island prison for 20 years, wasting away while all your loved ones believe you’re dead?Each encourages the others to strike back at their own lackluster ex-husbands in the name of all womankind. If you have those very specific kind of blues, Edmond Dantès feels your pain — and he’ll motivate you to put your own long-con plans into place (no murdering, though).starts out as a movie about a woman trying to win back a boneheaded ex, but turns into a nicely packaged revenge fantasy, wherein women reclaim the accomplishments that are rightfully theirs.

As queen mean girl Courtney, Rose Mc Gowan turns in an all-time teen-villain performance, and the payoff moment in the finale truly is starring Denzel Washington, which means the protagonist is a stoic paternal figure with an almost divine sense of purpose: avenging the violent mistreatment of a young woman, played by Chloë Grace Moretz, at the hands of Russian gangsters. (If you like what you see here, investigate the rest of Park Chan-wook’s Vengeance Trilogy, which rounds out with (2010)When just one revenge climax won’t suffice, turn to this savage thriller from Korean director Kim Jee-woon.She’s not roaring and rampaging against anything but six feet of dirt, and we’d still argue it’s one of the most victorious revenge scenes in history. That’s the lesson of, Yuki Kashima (Meiko Kaji), and her blade of retribution.— (2010)Takashi Miike’s dirty baker’s dozen set in the final days of feudal Japan has all you want from the prolific director: imaginatively gruesome violence, 1-on-100 fight scenes, and one-liners so tough you get the vapors.Nothing is cooler than Koji Yakusho unrolling a bloody scroll that reads “TOTAL MASSACRE,” before he and his dudes slice their way through the army of a murderous aristocrat.

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