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This goes on for a few minutes, with the student perhaps leaning over you to pick something up, or leaning in to whisper something in a hushed, conspiratorial tone. The genius of , there's tremendous power in the tiniest interactions.It's important to note that this is not about gawking at a virtual woman. That underscores a counterintuitive truth that makes VR gaming so exciting: Despite its ability to hijack your senses and immerse you in hyper-realism, the real power of VR may lie in its ability to foster quiet intimacy so realistic it's unsettling.Unlike other flirt interactions, it does not affect the relationship level between the initiating and target Sim.

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The Sims franchise is a series of four games where you get to build and create your own neighbourhoods, houses and characters (which are known as sims).

There were many different demos, but those that left the deepest impression on me were Capcom's horror demo started I felt like maybe this was the time I finally did. This was the scariest thing of all, because I knew something was going to jump out at me. Nothing was happening——and I was as riveted as I've ever been in a game.

I awoke with my hands bound together—in real life I was holding a Play Station controller, which of course placed my hands close together, a nice touch—in a dingy room. At one point, I am ashamed to say, some part of the VR rig slipped down and tapped me on the shoulder, making me gasp quite loudly and reach around ready to kill whatever it was. When I died, following another very up close and personal encounter from which I could not look away, it came as something of a relief.

the two Play Station VR games on display at Sony's Tokyo Game Show booth couldn't be any more different.

One is a horror scenario that drops you into a gruesome, terrifying predicament.

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