Hensel twins dating

When they were younger, they attended physical therapy classes to learn how to work in harmony to perform simple tasks like sitting, standing up, and walking, being able to walk for the first time at age 4.Unfortunately, it is not just a matter of who controls what part of the body.

Although one cannot help but wonder what happens when one of the twins desires to get close to someone else, which also forces her twin to share each and every moment with that special person.The twins claim that only their friends and family can know the real differences between the two because they are indeed different people.They are also able to give each other privacy to some extent, as they know how to distract themselves from what the other is doing at the moment, although one may wonder what will they do once they start dating other people.They share the same body although each of them has their own separate head.Although their body seems normal from the outside, they actually have two hearts, two stomachs, two spines, four lungs, and two spinal cords. Both of them can write and eat separately, although more complex activities such as swimming require them to achieve almost perfect synchronization.

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