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I now split my time between Los Angeles and Africa, as a writer/producer who also works in post-conflict strategies. I love the outdoors, traveling, extreme sports, third-world public health, working with people, learning different cultures and using medicine to help those less fortunate.

One of the drags about being an aid worker (and, well, about life as we know it too! - If I only had this upcoming year left, how would I spend it? If you happen to have a boss pretending to be a dictator or a drill sergeant, don't drop to your knees and treat this crazy person like royalty.

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Much like Facebook, Humanitarian Dating includes photo albums, friend lists and privacy settings.

There are raw foodists and animal-rights activists who connect on

And there are "vegan vixens" and "eco warriors" who "simply want to make a better world" - and flirt - on

This means a) you are always ultra busy (unless, that is, you are the one with your feet on your desk, chillaxing, and you actually aren't particularly concerned by the ways of the world) and b) there's not a hell of a lot of time for you or that elusive thing in the aid world: a PERSONAL LIFE! Whatever it may be that pumps blood into your veins - your partner, your child, your family, your lover, your dog, singing, playing piano, practicing yoga, running marathons, eating fistfuls of chocolate, standing on your head, reading Shakespeare, painting, sculpting, acting, swimming, learning a new language, meditating, JUST.

Decided to drop your distanced relationship and already meandered your way through your love options in your location?

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