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God does not obliterate all ethnic and cultural differences in Christ.

He redeems them and refines them and enriches them in the togetherness of his kingdom.

The Bible does not oppose or forbid interracial marriages.

That truth is decisive in setting priorities for how we respect and relate to each other.

The Bible forbids intermarriage between believer and unbeliever but not between members of different ethnic groups.

This is extremely controversial since it is opposed by people from all sides. As a race, however, they are unique and different and have their own culture. To these opposing views I would add my own experience.

Interracial marriage was against the law in sixteen states in 1967 when the The first website that came up on my Google search for Martin Luther King and interracial marriage was the website of the Ku Klux Klan which still has this anachronistic quote today: “Interracial marriage is a violation of God’s Law and a communist ploy to weaken America.” Many African Americans believe interracial marriage erodes the solidarity of the African American community. I was a southern teenage racist (by almost any definition), and, since I am a sinner still, I do not doubt that elements of it remain in me, to my dismay.

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