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She had three or four fingers thrusting up into her spread pussy, and I could hear the liquid sounds they made as they slid in and out. Seeing it on a TV screen was sexy, but here was the real thing, flesh and blood, my very sexy Mom too. "We all talked about it for a while, and as we had planned, they wanted us to make love together. Her tongue slid over mine answering my every thrust, every sensuous move. The thought hit me; I wanted her tongue in my pussy. I broke our kiss and leaned down to kiss and lick my way down to her hard erect nipple. I put my hands on either side of her large full breast and pressed inward, cupping the large mound, making the areola bulge against my mouth. They are rather small rounded cones, pear shaped, but she soon had them swollen and aching.It was too much for my already frustrated and enflamed pussy, and I slid my shorts and panties down, and my fingers went to my pussy and began to stroke it standing in the darkened hall. I stood there, shaking, weak kneed, breathing hard, head down. We played it like it was our first time, and they loved it. Open wide now, her pussy lips were glistening and wet. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took her large areola into my mouth. I tongued around and around the swollen brown circle, reveling in the taste, and the velvet soft feel of it. Let me love you for a while." She asked, thrusting her breasts against my mouth. She sucked my nipples, nibbling on them till they were hard and erect.I peeped in and she lay on the bed facing away from me, looking at the TV opposite the bed. I came explosively, and had to bite my lip hard to keep from crying out. She had a lopsided grin, like, 'Ha caught you, you naughty girl.' I pulled my shorts up and sat down beside her. I looked down and her hand was still resting on her pussy, her fingers wet and gleaming. The smell of her clean body, her perfume, and mixed with it all, the wonderful odor of a woman sexually aroused. "I'll give you high marks on your selection of girl/girl movies. "By the time the guys got back, we could really turn each other on. We were all partying one night, and we brought up the subject with the guys.Sure enough Barbara had her tongue slipping it into Nina's wet pussy. Her loud cry of ecstasy echoed in the room as she came too. We didn't tell them we were making it, but asked if men liked to see two women making love. Her tongue slid out and stroked my lips feather soft. Ohhh, please." I cried out in anguish, my pussy aching for her kisses.

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