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Outcast Academy is dedicated solely to the universe of the Outcast Academy.

The games focus on a group of girls at an all girls reform school.

Info: A short dating sim with adventure game elements.

Eerie Estate Agent: Holding onto your job just got a whole lot more difficult when your boss, a ruthless woman known around the office as The . I predict that we’ll be able to release this game in the first half of. You can choose from 4 available profiles: sportsman, technican, businessman and heartbreaker.

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Unique to the site is an achievement tracker that tallies up the player's accomplishments.Though they are all part of the Lo P label, many websites require separate subscriptions to sign-in.The marquee website for the company, this site hosts only games created by the Lo P team. Has she fallen into the wrong crowd and being tempted with drugs and alcohol? Then send her to Outcast Academy, school for troubled girls!Here teachers will teach your daughter the errors of their ways in hopes that they can re-enter society a brand new woman!

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