Miley cyrus dating aussie

Cyrus’ half-sister, Brandi, acknowledged they were back together in an interview earlier this month.“Liam is honestly one of the most down to earth guys that I have ever met, and he is so easy to get along with, and he is a great guy and he makes Miley happy so that’s good,” she told the Keith Girard is Editor and Publisher of The Improper, New York City’s cutting edge arts, entertainment pop culture and lifestyle Web magazine.

She adds, “I just bought a little German Shepherd and I named it Mate because I always say ‘mate’ now to Liam.

All systems seem to be a go for the Hemsworth – Cyrus wedding extravaganza.

Although there are no confirmations from the couple of their engagement being back on other than sources telling magazines, her dad’s inability to be subtle and of course her sparkly ring, it seems to be pretty possible.

"Liam's been here quite a bit," the 55-year-old country singer stated. Cyrus mentioned that it would be possible to see his daughter and "The Hunger Games" actor settle in Tennessee in the future.

He also revealed that he is delighted to see his daughter very happy with her fiancé.

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