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One day after Rachel's death I was granted temporary custody of her three small children, ages 9 months, 2, and 4 years.I became permanent guardian three months later after a big court fight.While staring out the window of the men's room in the Placerville courthouse I felt Rachel's love again, and all was peace and comfort again--thanks be to God.In the Prosecution's closing argument pictures of Rachel's mangled body were flashed on the big screen over and over again to refresh the jury.I no longer fear an acquittal of the killer or the possibility of meeting him face to face, or of having to give his children back to him--these nightmares are abating.The victims of Todd Winkler's crime will be giving "victims impact statements" at the sentencing on Dec 8. I am fully aware of the danger of providing irrational rants or non-applicable verbal garbage at the sentencing.Now that I know that what I say on my blog will not be introduced into evidence at my daughter, Rachel's, murder trial, I am free to comment.I shut down most of my blogging three years ago fearing the defense would use anything I said against Rachel in their self-defense case on behalf of the killer.

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"Hi Dad, you know that my life was all about love--don't be angry- everything will be alright, love will have the final word." Well, that changed me on the spot and peace carried me for the rest of that day.

I needed some grace again after the jury was finally retired.

For three days I listened to the defense spin out drivel about Rachel's character.

For three days I listened to the defense spin out drivel about the killer's character.

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