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They announced their engagement on Twitter in June 2011, following the passing of the Marriage Equality Act in New York — even though Harris said they had secretly gotten engaged in 2006.

, saying, "The food was amazing," and they had magic tricks because "Neil is way into magic." She added that the couple's twin children, Gideon and Harper, were apart of the festivities.

The two actors were actually engaged for eight years—something they didn't disclose to the public until New York legalized same-sex marriage in 2011.

Harris and Burtka have been dating for 10 years and have two children together.

Harper served as flower girl and Gideon, who was supposed to be ring bearer, was instead an "Orange Boy," sporting a tux and top hat and passing out oranges.

In June 2013, the New York Times reported that Harris is set to star in the title role in the first Broadway production of John Cameron Mitchell's rock musical "Hedwig and the Angry Inch", scheduled for spring 2014.

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Harris shared an adorable candid photo of Burtka and their son Gideon laughing on Instagram. The gifts are never ending (the guy on the right, e.g.). You're the best."Burtka opted for a picture of Harris posing in front of a white wall.He had his first gay sexual experiences while he was doing Rent. While walking along Eighth Avenue at 47th Street, NPH ran into his fellow Broadway performer Kate Reinders, who was with Burtka, a “rakishly handsome James Dean–like hot dude in a leather jacket and T-shirt.” He found out that he Burtka was in a relationship with a Hollywood publicist, so he just patiently hovered around “like an unusually considerate hawk politely waiting for the opportunity to swoop down and attack.” Then, when Burtka and the publicist broke up, they went on a date. NPH adores Cobie Smulders, who played Robin on How I Met Your Mother: “She’s exactly the kind of woman I would want to marry if women weren’t all gross [and] icky.” During seasons one and two, he started giving her “extra-long looks” to see what the writers would do, and sure enough, they hooked up before eventually getting married.The guy was named Andy, and he offered to give NPH a “back massage,” which even then NPH understood was a euphemism for “orgasm.” But rather than become an A-ha! “Our chemistry worked well, and I cherished every scene I got with her.” 8. Even the consummate professional NPH stumbles once in a while."Thirteen years and one day ago, I crossed paths with the guy on the left," Harris captioned the heartwarming shot. "Yesterday was mine and @nph 13th year anniversary!! "Thank you Neil for being compassionate, adventurous, and an all around fantastic man. "David and I did propose to each other, but over five years ago!I love you more than ever."This is not the first time Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka have celebrated their love for each other on social media. We've been wearing engagement rings for ages, waiting for an available date."Congrats to NPH and DB!

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