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All of which, I am fairly sure, were probably culprits of the crimes in which I was writing about.

Although, I must admit, out of 30,000 views and countless comments across various social media, I only got approximately 3 slightly abusive messages. It’s more about the mental goings on that I experience on a daily basis. The best thing that came out of that blog post, was the number of messages I received, complimenting me on my writing! Thought I would post one of my latest illustrations up in the meantime. (If you have me on Linked In you will probably know, but I loved the image so just thought I would pop it up anyway!

Aptly nicknamed the Sunshine State, California’s beautifully warm Mediterranean climate and easy-going culture makes dating for professionals all the more enjoyable.

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The pricing for membership is quite cost effective especially for the average buppy.

For at least 3 days I was slightly terrified for my life. Except it isn’t about things that are happening in my life. For example, I never realised I was as sarcastic as I am. I just wanted to make this one a quick thank you to everyone who read Linked In The Professional Dating Site! Once my brain is a little clearer, I have 15 drafts to finish so I WILL be posting more soon.

e ( is a new online dating site that is dedicated to providing singles from all over with the opportunity to connect with other buppy singles in their local area or anywhere of their choice.

There is also no charge for buppies to upload a photo with their profile.

A control panel enables buppies to customize preferences based on their individual requirements.

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