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Attending to our client’s legal needs during a time of crisis is our business.We believe your experience with your Miami federal criminal lawyer should be a positive one.

Criminal charges affect your life and liberty A criminal charge is serious business.This tactic forces you, as the lesser income earner, to file a request with the court to compel the information you need and therefore incur attorney fees that should be avoided. Failing to pay support or delaying it: Failing to pay support or delaying it is a way to exert control.It comes in many forms and includes unlawful deductions from support that were not court ordered. Hiding income and assets: Narcissistic spouses sometimes feel as though they money they have made during the marriage is theirs and everything that has come from it should be their separate property. defines what is and is not community property and separate property but try to explain that to a spouse like this…it may be futile. All of these tactics are designed to cause the maximum amount of stress and attorney fees so that the lesser earning spouse eventually gives in and takes less than what he or she may be entitled to from the community estate.We want you to have a positive experience with your attorney.A good attorney client relationship is our number one priority.

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