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She was forty-two at the time and was still very attractive. She stopped suddenly when she saw my cock hanging out. "I'm so sorry Stephen." Mom turned around and went to her bedroom. I'm not sure why I did it, but I went to my room and stripped out of my clothes. It wasn't like the first time but I felt his seed covering my pussy walls. I was bobbing up and down on his hardness as Matt worked on my nipples. I was even surprised that my brother managed to cum in me a second time. A few times when I was alone I would rub myself while thinking about Matt. "You need to get yourself together Sue," he told me. Right at the moment, the man I wanted was sitting right next to me. I had taken to not wearing a bra whenever possible. I think I liked the idea that my baby brother was looking me over. You should have no problems finding another man," he said to me. She held onto my arms as I drilled her with deep, hard strokes. She lowered her pussy and I raised my hips to fill her body. Mom had a handful and I squeezed them and I pinched her erect nipples.

He finally grunted and I felt his baby cum squirting inside me. I couldn't believe the amount of orgasms I was having.

Here I was thirty four years old and I felt like I was starting over again. In the evenings I would break out the wine and have a few glasses. My brother Matt stopped over one Saturday afternoon.

One of us had to make the move so I filed the papers. I knew he was right but I preferred to be depressed right now.

Matt pushed all the way in and rested his erect member inside me.

I let out this gasp as his thick pole slid into my body. Here was my brother filling my pussy with his hardness.

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