Updating ipod firmware manually

This works well most of the time and you never need to hit the hardware or take action.

Sometimes, through no fault of yours, your i Phone or other i OS device gets stuck or freezes for reasons.

When you first activate and register your i Pod shuffle, i Tunes will automatically check for new firmware updates to apply and download.

In the case of the shuffle, with its limited functionality, updates are rare and far between; nonetheless, new firmware released by Apple tweaks functionality, stability, or add options you can customize from i Tunes for your i Pod shuffle.

With most device companies this process is totally visible to the user, you have to personally seek and install firmware updates to enhance the hardware of your device or to run new software.

But with Apple devices this process is usually seamless and hidden from the user as part of the process through i Tunes.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to manually check for software updates to download for your i Pod; note that by default, i Tunes will periodically (and automatically) check for updates for all i Pods you connect to your computer, and it will always give you the choice to apply them or temporarily skip that installation - note that this tutorial applies to both Mac OS X or Windows 7 / Vista / XP.

First, you'll need to plug your i Pod shuffle into your computer, using the standard audio-to-USB cable that ships with the device.

Note: a later tutorial will guide you through the process of restoring your i Pod shuffle software to its "factory settings" (default, un-customized options and erased data) in case you experience problems, either after an update or out of the blue.New multitasking features for i Pad allow you to work with two apps simultaneously, side-by-side or with the new Picture-in-Picture feature.And, built-in apps become more powerful with detailed transit information in Maps, a redesigned Notes app, and an all-new News app.For an i Pod as basic as the shuffle though, this is extremely unlikely to occur - this can also be a quick way to erase your data from the device.I have an i Pod Touch 4th Gen that has i OS 5 by default.

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