Updating maps on garming c340

You should also use Garmin's Mapupdater progrom and not Garmin Express or Garmin Lifetime Updater to manage the map update as it will be much easier to update and with less problems. you should get info, that there is no space on GPS to install map and option to choose SD card as destination. let download and installation finish, disconnect GPS and restart it.My apologies if this is not where this should be posted. I have used it in the US and in Spain and worked just fine, a life saver!! Should work but SD card MUST be present all time in GPS slot.This will enable you to download the updated map onto your device.

If it matches the version currently installed on your Street Pilot c340, you don't need to download a new map.

You may need to install the Garmin Communicator Plug-in if you've never updated your map before.

A link to the plug-in is located in the resource section below.

When a Nuvi is manufactured it will as standard have a copy of City Navigator software pre-installed on it.

The version that is installed depends on the region or country that the Nuvi will be sold in, so for example customers based in the United States will have City Navigator NT for North America, whilst European customers will have City Navigator for Europe.

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