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Bede was clearly known to the Northumbrian royalty as well, and he dedicated his greatest work to King Ceolwulf (reigned c. The account of Bede’s death is quite detailed, describing Bede’s illness, his last wishes, and his interactions with those around him.He apparently composed poetry on his deathbed as well. Though he was considered a saint soon after his death, he was not formally canonised until the end of the 19th century CE.Bede knew and communicated with many of the prominent clergymen and laymen of his day.As a young man he met Adomnan, then abbot of the important monastery of Iona.Well versed, Bede wrote extensively, his works being categorized into grammatical and scientific works, scriptural commentary, and historical and biographical works.Though he penned more than 40 books in his lifetime, his best came with ‘Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum’.Furthermore, he popularized the method of dating events from the time of the incarnation, or Christ’s birth (AD) through his book, ‘Historia ecclesiastica’ and the two works on chronology. 673 CE - 735 CE) was an English monk, historian, and scholar who lived in the Kingdom of Northumbria.

Bede’s most well-known work is a history of the Christian Church in England.

Saint Bede, or Venerable Bede as he was known as, was an English monk, scholar, author and a teacher who is known to be the greatest Anglo-Saxon scholar.

He was one of the few saints who enjoyed an honourable status even during his lifetime.

His most famous work, the ), has been a vital source for the study of early English history for centuries.

For this reason, he is remembered by some as the ' Father of English History.' Very little is known about Bede’s life outside of what he himself writes in the final chapter of the .

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