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It is advisable to always check through the variations first to determine if other than standard parts were used.

The type letter is very important, as it designates when a part design change has taken place and the original part setup for th Is model engine will not work.

This numbering system consists of three groups of numbers used in identifying the part classification, individual part identification, and if the part is an assembly.

To clarify the numbering system, refer to the example below, which is broken down into three groups (See Figure 3).

Part Classification — Each group of like parts have a classification number assigned to it.

Listed on this page is additional information regarding the Name Plate as a key to service.Then, by turning to Section 11, Division B-700, you will find the Basic Parts List.For example, if the model number is D-1160, you would turn to Section II, Div. In some cases, the model will be shown as D-700-2xxx, which would be the D-7001000 Series or D-700-2000 Series with model variations shown in the last three digits.The type in a Clinton engine is always shown as a suffix letter following the serial number — 120883-B is an example.digit is used to identify the type engine, e.g., 4-4-cycle and 5-2-cycle.

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