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There is also proof out there that the celtic and pict did not derive from the same people.

What is true and what is not may never be known, thanks to religions and governments destroying and wiping out any evidence of a culture. However, as well as deep meanings, remember the Inuit have marker stones for safe ice drinking water.

I was told and I agree that this is the goal of the initiate to unify man’s polar nature/ polarity consciousness.

The v rod and z rod are both masonry tools amongst other things previously mentioned in the comments, various cycles ect.

They are very easily connected to the picts through Siol O’Cain and it would simply be silly to assume they were beating back their own descendants. Some of these differences between the celtic and pict are not the same between the pict and vikings.

These common practices are too core to be a coincidence.

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So much of Scotland’s or rather Pictland’s pre-history is only that because of Edward and the Church conspiring to eradicate that proud history for their own political and religious ends Reply Hey Djin i noticed you posted 2011 regarding your understanding on vikings being related to picts this is what i totally believe from my current understanding If you read this message please contact me on [email protected] would love to get in touch Warm regards Richard Reply If the Picts as you say were early tribe of vikings, then why is the family “history” of the Munro clan thart of winning their territory by beating back vikings in Ross-shire? The Norse only came from there native homelands in Scandinavia where as the Picts were native to Scotland Reply There are differences in the celtic and pict lifestyles, even in their early relations.So, Pictish symbols may also be sign-posts and religious symbols,at the same time.At the time the Celtic Cross symbol was being carved,(late on in Pict history) it may have meant, “Church just here” and of course has its own sybolic meaning too, as do the Catholic shrines that are all over Scotland and Ireland!We are now finding Picitsh symbols all the way down to the Border with England.A lot of us who have researched this have known this already and had no doubt that the Picts build the Brochs which were a sign of their genius. Rubbish most Scots are Picts all that changed was religion aka Christianity which has a lot to answer for.

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