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Hind legs are entirely white, but the white extends no higher than mid-thigh. Bicolors boast a white mask like an inverted 'V', plus white on all four legs, feet, stomach, chest, and ruff.Other white patches and markings can appear, except on the points, which are darker and well-defined.Please note that picnic facilities are no longer available inside the zoo and outside food and drink is not permitted.However, there are picnic areas right outside of the Zoo in the larger Warner Park.For more information on Zoo Rides, please contact Visitor Services via email or call 423.697.1322.Welcome to our reviews of the Live Chattanooga Traffic Report (also known as New for FSX).

Daily group admissions are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

There are food offerings at the Zoo's Wild Burger located inside the Zoo. Service dogs and service miniature horses are allowed with proper identification.

Shoes and appropriate clothing is required while visiting the Chattanooga Zoo.

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