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I’ve had both services in the past and haven’t really had any complaints about either.I was looking for a pretty basic plan, nothing too fancy. It’s only been a couple days but I am pretty pleased so far and would recommend my local Verizon store over the local AT&T store.

Since video chat is new to several of the messaging apps, you’ll want to make sure that you’re using the most recent version in order to access the latest features.To begin, click or tap on the contact that you’d like to speak with.On mobile, you may be presented with icons for both a video call and an audio call on the top right of the app. To add additional people to the call, tap the “ ” sign which will bring up a menu of contacts to select from.Here’s a look at a few of the most popular messaging apps that offer video chat: You probably already use Facebook Messenger to chat by text with friends, which makes the app a convenient way to start chatting by video.To start a video chat, open Messenger on your phone or desktop, and locate the friend that you want to chat with.

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